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Choose and Maintain A Kids Bicycle – A Definitive Guide

Choosing a bike for children may not be easy. It is required to consider different points before selecting a model. What to consider before purchasing a children’s bike? This article will help you If you are not a great cyclist and thinking of getting a bicycle for kids. We share tips and information to get the ideal kid bike.

Consider the age of the kid

There is no age for learning to bike riding, but most kids usually start within four and six years old. Before they can practice with the bike without pedals, this can favor their balance, among other benefits. We prefer to get a balance bike. The kid can learn cycling with a balance bike quickly.

Generally, at the age of 4-5 years, children have already acquired the necessary skills to stay on a bike. With the right bike and little practice, it is a matter of time for children to pedal with confidence.

Using the wheel diameter as a reference

When going for an adult bike, you have to ensure the frame size. However, in the case of bicycles for kids, wheels should be taken as a reference. This measure determines the proportions of the bicycle. The standard wheels for children’s bikes are 12-inch, 16-inch, 20-inch, and 24-inch.

Not all kids develop the same way, but on average, these are measures that are handled. For that reason, there is no way to drive and see if the girl or boy looks and feels comfortable and can control the bike well. The bicycle will be of adequate size if:

  • You can sit on the saddle and reach the ground with the ball (base of the fingers) of both feet.
  • You have enough space between the shot and the upper tube when standing with both feet flat on the ground.
  • Reach the handle while keeping the elbows slightly bent for good control.
  • If the bike has brakes on the handle, you must reach the levers perfectly and apply enough force to operate them.

Review Additional Bike Features

The weight

There weren’t many options like today. There was not much care to adjust the weight of the bike before the various bike options. Fortunately, it has changed, and it is now possible to get lightweight bikes. Due to the small wheels and short cranks, it is a little harder to ride these bikes when pedaling. Because of this, it is highly advisable to search for the lightest option, and it will be easier to control.

Other bike features

Nowadays, the impressive variety that is in the category of children’s bicycles is incredible. We can find bicycles with counter-pedal brakes, with hoop brakes, fixed sprockets, with various frame shape. Determine the quality of the bike; It is vital to take into account the skills and spirit of future cyclists.

The first bike of a child will mark the love or rejection of a sport, hobby, or recreational activity that can bring you so much into your life.

If you still do not know which bike to buy for your kids, nephews, grandchildren. We invite you to see all our bike models for boys and girls on our blog.

For little more advanced bikers, who love biking through mountains can try special mountain bikes. Bikerpicks is a great place for choosing bikes for mountain bikes and its accessories.

How to maintain a kids bike

Kids bikes are expensive as well. But, if we take care of it, they can last 2-4 years. Even it can ride sibling to sibling if you take care of it regularly. Essential maintenance is easy; you & your child do together. The older kid will feel very responsible for their bikes. For support, you need to know this thing.

Check the bike brake pad

Give squeeze on both brakes to make sure they work correctly. Check the brake pad if you see it fail to stop your wheel. You should clean it & tight the screw. You should take care of your brake every week.

Check the tire pressure

Filled tires make it easier to ride. If your kid bike tire hasn’t enough pressure, you need to get a better pump to pump it. Every day, you should check your tire air pressure. If it is soft, you need to pump it.

Check the bolt are tighten or not

Bolts are held your bike tightly. For ride a bike, the bolt becomes loose. So you should tighten them every day or week.

Bell or horn

Kids are not a good rider like a mature rider. They learn to ride a bike. So they need a louder horn or bell. Kid’s parents need to check their kid bikes horn & bells every day. If they face a problem, they can change it easily.

Check the Lights

Many kids rider is riding their bike at night. Sometimes they go to a dark place for their riding. So their cycle needs a light on the front of their bike. So they see the object carefully.

Clean the chain

For cycling, the chain becomes very dirty & loose. For loosen chain, your kid doesn’t ride your bike correctly. He can fail to pedal bike for loosed the chain. For every day or week, parents should clean their child bike chain. After washing, they should put oil or lube on the chain.

Wash the bike properly

You need to wash your kid’s bike correctly. The kid doesn’t ride like a mature rider. So they have fallen many more times. After days they come home with their bike with dirt. So parents should wash their kid’s bike every week. Don’t clean the bike with the warm water. Wash the bike with cold water with soap or bike cleaning gel.

Final Words

The first bike in the family’s youngest is a gift they will never forget. For them, it’s a treasure that allows them to have fun with other kids, but they also learn sports values. If you are also a cycling lover, you will want your children to enjoy the countryside and travel with you.

Before kids get on the bike, it’s essential to pay attention to its features. In Spain, a bicycle helmet is mandatory, and the article must comply with European Union (EU) policies. Take a close look at the details and remember: The bike is not for you, but your little one.

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