Is your kid ready to ride an ATV (4 Wheeler)?

Large numbers of parent are curious to find out the right time for their kids to ride an ATV. Parents are interested to know the best time for their kids to ride ATV.

Is your kid ready to be on an ATV? Let’s find out

There are many Kids ATVs out there in the market and the responsibility of a parent is to choose the right one for their kids. The first thing every parent ought to do is to carry out that which is called kids assessment on their kids before allowing them to ride ATVs.
In the process of the assessment, all that you want to find out is their physical ability and mental capability to control an ATV. Once you’ve realized your kids are ready and they’ve gone through the basis of ATV you can allow them to mount on an ATV and ride.
The role of parents is to get the right ATVs for their kids.

How will you get to know the right one for your kids?

Your kids are ready to ride once they understand the rules and regulation for the safe operation of the ATV. If kids ATV is not right you can try Ride on Cars.

Can kids from different age range rides ATV?

Check the engine

Manufacturers of ATVs do give the engine specification with the rate of the power and motor. Knowing that will allow you to know if the ATV is for your kids. Kids from the age range of 4 to 8 can handle ATVs within 90W to 350 W motor while those above the age of 8 can control an ATV with a motor engine of 350 W and above. ATV with an advanced engine from 90cc to 350cc is aimed at adult kids.


Check the features and the age specification of the ATV and see to it that your kid’s falls within the age range and can also control the features of the ATV without stress. Features such as manual clutch will be quite difficult for your kids that are just learning to ride. Therefore, you are advised to opt for automatic transmission ATV. You are to check all this to ensure your kids are ready to ride.

Parents who want their kids on an ATV must follow these rules:

  • You must ensure your kids have their safety helmet on their head and it must be the right size. Getting a big helmet with the mindset that your kids will grow into is a bad idea.
  • Ensure your kids put on other protective gears such as cloth, ankle pad, elbow pad, gloves, and safety boot
  • Do not allow your kids to ride without your supervision
  • Choose the right ATV with speed limit option with other safety features such as seat belt, engine cover and roll bar.


If you are indeed interested in getting your kids on ATV(4 Wheeler) and you don’t know when and how to go about that, here is all that you need to know. Your kid’s safety should be on top of your priority list whenever you consider allowing them to ride ATV.

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