5 Best Solution to Beat BedWetting

Parents should understand the fact that it is challenging to stop a child from bedwetting. Mounting pressure, blaming and all sort of abuse won’t bring a solution to the matter. Bedwetting is also called involuntary urination known as enuresis physiologically.


This condition is mostly seen among kids within the age range of 2 to 6. You wonder why kids can tell you they are hungry and why they can’t tell you they want to urinate and mess up the whole place. The reason to that is because parasympathetic motor nerve fibers inhibit the condition.

The brain of kids can easily override the micturition reflex thereby causing inhibition of the parasympathetic motor nerve fibers to the bladder which leads to the contraction of the external sphincter and then lead to involuntary urination.

As your kids increase in age, they get to learn how to control the micturition process and stop the brain from overriding the reflex. But parents as well have a part to play.

What are the things you ought to do as parents to help your kids beat bedwetting?


Stop the blame

Stop blaming your kids whenever they bed wet. Instead, you should talk to them and encourage them to try and use the bathroom the next time. Over time, I have got to realize as a physiologist that stress can as well lead to the involuntary release of urine for kids.

Don’t stress your kids too much or threaten them before they go to bed. What I mean here is the physiological stress. Once they get scared or afraid before going to bed, they are likely to have a nightmare, and that sometimes is the cause of bedwetting.


Talk to pediatrician

Well, I don’t think there is a need for this at an early stage. But for kids above the age of 8 and still bedwetting, you might need to see a pediatrician and discuss the condition with them. The pediatrician is in the right position to know what could be wrong and the likely solution to it.


Encourage a visit to the bathroom before bedtime

Some kids stay late at night and some love to go to bed early. Irrespective of the time your kids love to go to bed, you as parents must let them develop the habit to visit the bathroom and empty their bladder before going to bed.

You might be surprised to see how this works. Going to the bathroom before bedtime will mean they are likely going to have a delay in the development of urine in their bladder and bedwetting won’t occur.


Introduce incentives

You can go about this method by using a chart. You have to place it where your kids will continually see it. You have to mark each day your kids stay dry, and once it gets to ten, you can compensate with just a small toy. Psychologically your kids will always want to fight their brain to stop overriding their micturition reflex which will help them deal with bedwetting in the long run.

Conclusively, here are ways to which parents can help their kids beat bedwetting instead of blaming and abusing them whenever such occur.



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