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Advice for Parenting in the Digital Age

It is the joy of every parent to see that their kids are growing up digitally. But the fact remains that there are erroneous teaching and unhealthy concept about the use of digital devices which is why parents have a role to play in ensuring that their kids have the right lesson on the use of digital devices.

Create tech-free zones

Do not allow your kids to get addicted to any digital devices they have. You as parents have to restrict some areas in the house where digital devices are not allowed. The bedroom is a place to rest, and your kids should never go to the room with any digital devices.


Use parent control

Parents have to be more careful and cautious if they have kids that are grown enough to operate a computer system with internet connection. Your kids might have little or no knowledge about some pornography sites, but some pop-up ads can take them to those sites.

What you have to do as parents is to place a restriction to what they can do online and sites they can visit. Once they try to go beyond what they can do, they get bounced out.  The same implies with the use of television at home.

Some television channels are not for kids, and once you are leaving your TV set for your kids, you should only leave them with kids zone channels.

Be a good model

The truth is that most kids do that which they see their parents do. They are watching you, and that is why you need to be careful of what you do whenever you have your kids around you. You won’t be surprised to find out they have been watching you. Therefore, it is safe to do things the right way once you have your kids around you.

Monitor what they do online

The question is should teens be online? The answer to that is yes. There are lots of useful information they can get online, a lot of tools and training that will be of good help to them. But that doesn’t say you should give them free hands to do whatever they like online without checking on them.

You can track all that your kids do online. They are likely to meet new friends online, and you have to do your task to ensure they don’t mix with bad friends that can influence them negatively.

Encourage playtime without digital devices

The truth remains that kids can spend 24 hours with digital devices and that can affect their level of relationship with others. Encourage them to talk and relate with other kids and some other things at home rather than sitting all through with digital devices.

Encourage them to get involved in other activities such as sports and games that can help them develop their skills and coordination.


Conclusively, digital devices are an essential part of our world today. Of course, they have their benefits only if used in the right way which is how parents have to pay close attention to how their kids use digital devices.



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