10 Safety Tips on Riding Bicycle on Road for Teens or kids

No doubt, riding a bicycle is fun, makes the mother earth clean and green, but you have to be aware of, at the end of the day, it is a medium of transportation, it is a vehicle. So, before riding a bike, you have to know the street laws and regulations so that you are not risking your life when you are riding.

As a car or bus or truck driver prepares themselves before their drives, a bike rider will prepare himself in the same way. The preparation will be in two steps: preparing your vehicle (your bike) and know the general guidelines of riding a bike in the road. If you are a parent and you have bought a bicycle for your kid, it is your duty to give him/her the basic guidelines of riding a bike in the street.

Safety Tips that Start at Home

Before riding your bike, you have to be sure that you and your bike is ready for the road. Check out whether all the parts and particles of your bike are all set and working nicely. Here are some tips that you will follow before riding a bike:

Wear a well-fit bicycle helmet before riding

This is the most important tip before going for a ride. What is the human being’s most important body part? It is the brain. And a well-fit bike helmet can save your brain and life if you encounter a life-threatening bike accident. So, always wear a helmet before starting your ride.

Here is a video on how to fit a bicycle helmet properly:

Check all the crucial parts of your bicycle before the ride

Except few, most of the parts of a bicycle are crucial for a safe and smooth ride.

  • Inflate the tires
  • Checkout whether the tires have any leaks, take action if they have any.
  • See whether the brakes are working properly. Go to the workshop rather than riding if you find problems with the brakes

Check out whether the bike fits well before starting a ride

Bicycle fitting is crucial because every man is unique in size and shape. So, a bicycle should fit the uniqueness of a rider. Here are the brief steps on how you will fit a bicycle according to your size:

  • Stand over your bike
  • If it is a road bike, between you and the top tube bar of the bike will be around 1 to 2 inches. If it is a mountain bike, the distance will be about 3 to 4 inches.
  • The seat will be parallel to the ground. Front to back, it will be equally leveled.
  • You will adjust the seat height in such a way that when you will extend your leg fully, your knee will be slightly bent.
  • Your seat and your handlebar will be of the same height.

Make sure you see others in the street and others see you clearly

It is very important. Whatever time you ride, make sure others are seeing you clearly in the street. To be seen by all on the street, you have to choose the color of your dress carefully. Don’t wear a white dress. Choose any of the colors from the following list:

  • Fluorescent Color
  • Neon Color
  • Or any bright color

Not only choosing Neon or Florescent or any Bright color will save you from accidents. Wear something that reflects light. Use a Flash Lights.
Remember that though you are seeing a driver it does not mean that the driver is also seeing you.

Watch out the Road for any Hazards

Sometimes accident occur due to road conditions. Always keep an eye on the possible potholes, gravel, broken branches of trees, broken glass, etc. These road hazards can make major crashes. Even pet dogs and cats can be sources of major accidents.

Try not to ride at night

Except for urgency, it is good to avoid riding at night. At night, it will be very hard for other drivers to see you. If you have to ride at night, use reflectors on the rear and front of your bicycle. Even if possible, try to use reflectors at the tires.

Street Laws and Rules

In most of the States in the US, bicycle is treated as a vehicle. So, the cyclists have to abide by the same laws, rules, and regulations a motorist follows. Here I am pointing out some of the most important road laws:

Don’t go against the Traffic Flow

This is common in everywhere. Don’t go against the traffic flow. Ride on the right of the road, don’t go against it.

Abide by all the Traffic Law

To ride a car, a motorist has to obey all the traffic laws, follow all the signals, signs, and road markings. You are also driver, so, you will also follow all the traffic rules and laws.

Signal Before Your Moves

When you are riding in a street, ride in a straight line. Don’t break it. Before making any moves, signal it to other drivers on the road. You’re riding a small vehicle, but it does not mean you will ride at your own will.

Before taking a turn, look before

You are riding in a line and now you want to take a turn. What should you do? Follow these steps:

  • Take a break
  • Look behind
  • Wait for a traffic break
  • When you are sure, take your turn.


Bike is a great gift for the riders and for the mother earth. It is the only vehicle that gives the rider pleasure, independence of moving, is eco-friendly and cost-effective. But to be secured and safe on a bike, you have to follow the above-mentioned safety tips.

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