How to do gymnastics for beginners at home level 1


level 1 gymnastics skills

Gymnastics is one of the best sports to consider for those who want to build strength, flexibility and body awareness. The sport requires a lot of techniques which is why it is quite difficult for beginners. It is a sports activity that requires the supervision of someone to have a smooth.

Do you have an interest in gymnastics and you don’t know how to go about it? The good news is that you are in the right place. Either you are reading all because of your kids or yourself, you are about to get all that you need to know about starting your quest in gymnastics.


Level 1 Gymnastics Requirements

Gymnastic can be done easily at home if you can strictly follow the method which you are about to find out. The method is a guideline to those who want to get involved in gymnastics and are new to it. You need to start from the first level and it entails all kinds of basic practices which we will discuss shortly.

Vault Practice and Requirement


Vault practice is can be done by boys and girls. The practice can be done using a gymnastic mat alone for a start. The process involves handspring known as the acrobatic move. Just take a deep breath and stretch jump onto the mat and then try to kick to the handstand before falling to flat back. You should learn to flat back before ever trying to stand.

Level 1 Gymnastics Bar Routine

If indeed you want to get involved in gymnastics, part of the equipment you should get is the gymnastic bar. The bar can be used for many things and at the beginner’s level, it can be used for a pullover, back hip circle, sole circle dismount and cast.

Level 1 Gymnastics Beam Routine

For a beginner or first level gymnasts, you need to take your training steadily and with the beam balance; you can start with using it for the followings: lever, cartwheel, stretch jump, arabesque to 30 degrees and jump to front support mount

Level 1 Gymnastics Floor Routine level

As a level one gymnast, you can perform all kind of floor routine such as the following cartwheel, forward roll, 3/4 handstand, backward roll and split jump with 30-degree leg separation.

What you need to do as beginner gymnasts

Start with the basic

Trying the sophisticated means or style with gymnastics isn’t the best way to start your learning process. The first thing you should start with is somersault. Without a doubt, it is the simplest gymnastic exercise style to practice for anyone.

For you to perform the somersault, you need to crouch down with your two hands on the ground directly under your shoulders. Then you can tuck your chin, lean forward till you notice that your head clears the floor. It is then you can roll down the length of your spine. After that, you can then stand on your feet and try it once again if you wish to.

From the somersault, you can as well move ahead to some other styles such as Cartwheel, handstand and backward rolls.

Choose the right wears

If you are getting involved in gymnastics, you should get all the gears available to help you have smooth training or practice. There is one that is very important above the rest, and it is gymnastic wear. Get the right shirt and leggings and never do try to make use of house wear for your gymnastic training.
Wearing the right wears will make it easier for you to a lot of things without restriction or disturbance. There is the proper collection of wears for gymnastic, and you should endeavor to get them and not rely or settle on using house wears for gymnastic training.

Choose the right training place

If you ever want to learn or get involved in gymnastics at home and it is your first time, you should first choose the right place for your training. The exercise involves styles like somersault and many more and your safety are on the line, it is essential you consider training position.

Choose the area that has all it takes to lower or minimize your chances of getting injured. Such an area or location is the best place to be. Your chances of falling or getting hurt as a beginner with gymnastics are high which is why you need to give close attention to the location you choose for training.

Don’t overdo

Many beginners make the mistake of trying some sophisticated style with gymnastics forgetting the fact that you don’t learn all in a day. You will be doing yourself more harm by trying to learn all in a day. It is a steady process. The secret is being consistent with practice, and you will become a better gymnast, but that doesn’t happen in a day.

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